Car Lifts and Services in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma

No matter what’s rolling into your garage or service bays, Quality Lifts can provide the solution to get it off the ground quickly, safely and effectively. We provide a comprehensive line of car lifts for any occasion, including two post car lifts, four post lifts, inground lifts, mid and short-rise lifts, mobile lifts and home storage lifts. Whether you’re running a busy repair shop or you need to get a project off the ground in your home garage, we’ve got the perfect auto lift for you.

Our car lifts and truck lifts are equipped to handle vehicles ranging from 6,000 to 108,000 lbs., so light passenger cars or the heaviest commercial truck and transit vehicles are no problem.

Among our accomplishments are:

  • Versymmetric® Technology – The industry’s first front and rear 3-stage arm two post car lifts.
  • AquaVantage (air and water) AV1020 Series Inground Lift – The most environmentally friendly car lifts on the market.
  • The 4 post car lifts with the highest rise in the industry.
  • The inground lift with chrome plungers and wide drive-through.

In addition to our suite of car lifts, jacks and accessories, we are also proud to offer our customers peace of mind through our standards and commitment to promoting safe design, construction and use of car lifts. To promote these values, Quality Lifts is an active board member of the Automotive Lift Institute.

Have questions about our car lifts or services? Contact us today so our experts can help you get the perfect auto lift for your needs.

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