Car Lifts and Services: Southwest, LA, and Southern California

What type of lift will best serve the interests of your business?

Whether you need a two post car lift, four post car lift, short or mid-rise lift, mobile lift, inground lift, or mobile storage lift, Quality Lifts specializes in producing high-performing, high-quality car lifts to serve any interest, from home garages to large-scale auto dealerships.

For over 28 years, Quality Lifts has been pushing the boundaries of our customers’ expectations as well as the industry’s commonly accepted standards. For example, Quality Lifts conceived and manufactured the industry’s first Versymmetric® Technology 2-in-1 car lift, capable of lifting cars, vans, trucks, crossovers and SUVs, including all 20 of today’s top selling vehicles on the market.

In addition to pioneering Versymmetric® Technology, Quality has also created the industry’s most environmentally friendly car lifts available. The AV1020series powered by AquaVantage™ run exclusively on compressed air and tap water, ensuring a low cost of operation and no issues with federal, state or local regulations should the fluids need to be discarded.

Quality Lifts is proud to serve its customers in the Southwest, including Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. We’d like to help you become a car lift expert so you can choose the perfect car lifts for your business and feel confident operating your lift safely, while improving your business’s efficiency and productivity.

Contact a Quality Lifts representative today with questions about our car lifts, services, or how to get started in your area.

Regional Sales Manager


Aaron Owen

Regional Manager