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Reliable and Value Priced Car Lifts, Truck Lifts, and Auto Enthusiast Storage Lifts Delivered, Installed and Supported

Quality Lifts is built upon the foundation of industry experience, meeting safety standards, and standing behind our automotive lifts and motorcycle lifts. You need easy shipping, installation and support without the top brand costs so you can focus on your business and passion. From our auto lift manufacturing company office in Louisville Kentucky, we are ready to meet your needs. We are committed to work closely with our nationwide service and channel partners. Outside the US, we work exclusively through our international partners. Our partners are important and we are committed to mutual benefit so we can provide a superior sales and service experience to our customers - you.

Certified Car, Truck, and Garage Lifts

Product safety is important to us. We have professional engineers and partners to develop quality and design requirements to US standards. We source our products globally to US standards with routine local independent inspections so we can provide a reliable and cost effective solution. The goal of our auto lift manufacturing company is to meet or exceed ANSI standards for each car lift category. Our most popular car lifts, the Q10 (10000 lb 2-Post Auto Lift), the Q12 (12,000 lb Capacity medium duty 2-post truck lift), and the Q4P09 (9000 Lb capacity home storage / light duty service 4-post garage lift) are certified by the American Lift Institute to meet ALI/ANSI standards. See the ALI website for more information on lift safety and certification.

Easy Shipping

Quality Lifts has shipping professionals with both extensive domestic and international experience ready to make your transaction seamless. We coordinate your car lift shipments through our distribution network. Additional offloading charges may apply is ordering without the installation option. With the installation option, we can manage the product delivery and installation with no extra ofloading charges. Our total cost of delivery and installation is can only be slightly higher than just the delivery cost from other direct sales. We utilize a network of nationwide authorized installers. See our Terms and Conditions for the full official policies >>>

Authorized Installation

As an auto lift manufacturing company, Quality Lifts makes it easy for you to buy and get installed a reliable car lift. Our authorized installers will set up, test and provide training to you. Working around and under the automotive lift, you deserve the peace of mind that professional installation provides. We believe in proper installation and provide a year of labor warranty when installed by our authorized network. Delivery and installation charges via Quality Lifts are near the freight charges of others. And, you don't have to worry about extra offloading charges. And the unit is installed by an authorized service technician. See our installation service page to purchase an installation with your lift. See our Terms and Condition for the full official warranty policy.

Customer Support

Quality Lifts stands behind our auto lifts and services with knowledgeable company customer service representatives and local service partners. Each product category is supported by a nationwide service network. We are always a phone call or click away to help you. See our Terms and Conditions for the full warranty policy >>>