QMR6 Series Mid-Rise Car Lifts

6,000 lb. Capacity Mid-Rise Lift

Quality Lifts’ portable mid-rise car lifts are a great way to increase the productivity in a shop. Its portable feature makes the QMR6 like having a service bay anywhere, indoors or out. The motor for the QMR6 is conveniently mounted to a heavy-duty tow dolly, making it easy to move and operate on almost any solid surface.

QMR6 mid rise car lifts feature a sliding/rotating arm design with rubber pads, low drive-over clearance, and much more making this a perfect addition to any shop or home garage.

Looking for even more information on choosing a mid-rise lift? Here are some factors to consider before purchasing a mid-rise lift for your home garage.

QMR6 mid rise car lifts

Model #: QMR6
6,000 lb. Specialty Lift