Q4P07 Series 4 Post Lift >> Specs

When it comes to your choice of 4 post lift, you need to make sure its specifications match your needs. Does it have the lifting capacity you’re looking for? Will it fit in your space? What type of motor does it use? Find the answers to all of these questions by viewing the table for our 7000 lb four post lift below.

Specifications Model: Q4P07
Lifting Capacity* 7,000 lb.

(3175 kg)

A Overall Length1 195 1/2"

(4966 mm)

B Overall Width 100 1/2"

(2553 mm)

C Inside of Columns 92 1/8"

(2340 mm)

D Length of Runways 150 1/2"

(3823 mm)

E Height of Columns 79 1/2"

(2019 mm)

F Height of Runways 5 3/4"

(146 mm)

G Width of Runways 20"

(508 mm)

H Width Between Runways 38"
I Rise Height2 68 1/8"

(1730 mm)

Motor 1 HP/115v or 2HP/220v
Voltage 115/120
Speed of Rise 120 seconds/115v or 60 seconds/220v
Ceiling Height Required CLICK HERE to view our calculator to see what lift meets your ceiling height requirements.